Recently. the Gwent Research, Innovation and Improvement Coordination Hub (RIIC) Hub kicked off our programme of ‘Citizen Chat’, the first of its kind in Wales, working with our Citizens Panel, to gauge their thoughts, feelings and experiences about a range of issues relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ensuring that the work of the RIIC Hub is shaped and informed by those using our services is an absolute priority, and that is why we have agreed with the Gwent Citizens Panel, to create the ‘Citizen Chat’ programme to build a strong citizen’s perspective into our work.

Lorraine Morgan, Chair of Gwent Citizens Panel said “I am so pleased that the Gwent RIIC Hub have prioritised this work with the citizen’s panel. It is vital that our voice and experience is used to shape improvement and innovation; both myself and panel members are excited about taking part in the Citizen Chat programme”

Dr Emily Warren, Assistant Director of Transformation said “It is a pleasure to work closely with the Chair and wider Citizens Panel, to help shape the RIICS work programme. Knowing we are talking about issues that matter to them and identifying future opportunities to work closely together is a great start for the Gwent RIIC Hub in its first year”

The ‘Citizen Chat’ programme, is part of the RIIC Hubs, Learning and Improvement Network (LIN) it will deliver a number of online workshop sessions, led by Citizens Panel members and focused on the issues they have jointly agreed with the RIIC are priorities for them.

During the last year the Gwent RIICS learning and Improvement Networks have led Case Study research across nine service areas, to help inform the ongoing transformation programme and to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation to improve care and support services across our regions.

The sessions provide panel members with the opportunity to help shape the work of the Learning and Improvement Networks (LINs) ensuring that we are able to co-produce a programme of work, and lead research, innovation and improvement activity in collaboration with service users.

The sessions with the Citizens Panel will explore the findings of a number of Case Studies commissioned by the LIN’s and which are of the most important to our panel members. The Case studies selected for discussion were Care Homes, Community Resilience, Volunteering and Mental Wellbeing.

A report on the outcomes and findings of the sessions will be made available on the Gwent RIIC Hub website.

  • Awdur: Gwent Regional Partnership Board
  • Dyddiad: 31/03/2021