As part of the Welsh Government’s Delivering Transformation Grant 2019-20, ADSS Cymru have completed a project on Rebalancing Adult Social Care. The Report including an Executive Summary and detailed appendices have today [27 August 2020] been published and are available here to download by clicking on the adjacent link. Please note the Welsh translation of the Executive Summary will follow shortly.

The main findings were:

  • The average figure of provision of adult residential care delivered by the private sector in 2018-19 was 80% but several local authorities are more heavily, or totally, dependent on it;
  • In 2018-19, most of the domiciliary care commissioned by local authorities (86%) was delivered by providers in the private sector;
  • It is essential rebalancing is not seen in isolation and is addressed in the wider context of the challenges facing adult social services in Wales;
  • The definition of what is meant by rebalancing and its aims was met with differing interpretations. Clearer general guidance from the Welsh Government is required;
  • There was no significant endorsement of rebalancing for adult services in Wales;
  • Councils and stakeholders support continuation of a mixed market and want to have a robust and vibrant independent sector of providers. Continued reliance on the private sector at current fee and marginal profit levels is seen as unsustainable;
  • The need for harmonisation of pay and conditions was seen as a priority;
  • The risks of rebalancing must be taken seriously;
  • Greater clarity and direction are needed on Welsh Government commissioning policy. Further investment is needed to build capacity for commissioning;
  • Resources will be central to any rebalancing agenda;
  • Rebalancing should not be seen as just about in-housing of care delivery. Other rebalancing options can provide an important and innovative contribution.

ADSS Cymru will be engaged in the programme of work on this important issue over the coming year including the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic for it. For further information, please contact ADSS Cymru Business Unit on 01443 742641.

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  • Awdur: ADSS Cymru
  • Dyddiad: 27/08/2020