As the UK prepares to end its relationship with the European Union it is important that EU, EEA and Swiss citizens and their family members secure their long term rights by securing a status via the EU Settlement Scheme.

On 15th September, Cardiff law firm, Newfields Law which specialises in immigration advisory service, hosted a webinar training session for ADSS members to provide social care professionals with an overview of the EU Settlement Scheme including who needs to apply, the application process and important deadlines, as well as how to access the advisory services providing applicant support.

Newfields Law is working alongside other partners to assist in the delivery of the EU Citizens’ Immigration Advice Service in Wales and is part funded by the Welsh Government (other partners can be found at ). This is a free advice service to EU citizens and their family members, in Wales.  

More information regarding the Scheme and the support services available can be found at


Click on the video below to view the webinar.

**Please note that the first 2 minutes of the recording are unavailable, but the complete slide series accompanying the webinar can be viewed here.