As part of the Welsh Government’s Delivering Transformation Grant 2018-19, ADSSC have completed a project on “Innovative Funding Models to Meet Social Care Needs”. The Report and its detailed appendices and an Executive Summary have today [17th January 2019] been published and are available here to download by clicking on the adjacent link. Please note the Welsh translation of the report will follow very shortly.

The objectives of this project were:

  • to develop a clear local government perspective on the challenges, demands and pressure points over the next 15 years that will impact on social care services;
  • examine the practical content of a “social care promise” for the future and what new models of service will best enable effective, high quality services to be provided to people.
  • provide advice on how any additional resources for delivery from new funding models such a social care levy or social care insurance fund could best be prioritised

 The broader context for this work has been the debate about Paying for Care in Wales and in particular a report from Professor Gerald Holtham (June 2018) who has proposed a Wales Social Care Insurance Fund. A Welsh Government Inter - Ministerial Group on the Funding of Social Care has as a result been established to consider the future models of funding social care. This ADSSC Report explicitly does not consider funding models or the various options available, but centres on the related issues of demand, spending priorities and the “Social Care Promise”.

This project was undertaken on a collaborative basis with the Welsh Government and Welsh Local Government Association and involved Directors of Social Services as well as a range of health, voluntary and private organisations across Wales. We are very grateful for their contribution. It was made clear to those participating in the engagement programme that findings from this project would be of a formative nature and feed into fuller Welsh Government consultation during 2019.

Welsh Government announced on 8 January 2019 the next stage of this work on Funding Models for Social Care - A debate on this issue was also held at the National Assembly for Wales on 8 January 2019.

ADSSC will be fully engaged in the programme of work on this important issue over the coming year. For further information, please contact: Giovanni Isingrini or ADSS Cymru Business Unit on 01443 742641.

Click on the Download option to access the main report or select the appendices from the links below:

Project Report Executive Summary

DTG - Consultation Summary

DTG - LA Social Care Plans - Report

DTG - PNAs APs Demog - Report

  • Author: ADSS Cymru
  • Date: 14/01/2019