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Are you concerned about the current situation in domiciliary care and how it is affecting people across Wales? 

Do you have experience of domiciliary care as a service user, care worker or provider in Wales? 

Whether your experience is from the third sector, private sector, health boards or a local authority, your views count.


Here's how you can get involved 

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Your views will shape the study 

ADSS Cymru has worked with social care leaders to co-create a possible new model for domiciliary care, which is designed to support service users, providers and staff in Wales. You are invited to share your views to help us explore whether a new model for providing domiciliary care is possible. We are seeking the views of providers, care workers and service users and their carers to co-create a feasibility study exploring whether the new model could work in practice. With you, we want to explore the possible new model and what parts of it you think will and won’t work. Nothing new will be proposed in the final study without you having shared your views. 

What is the possible new model? 

At this stage, the new model is like a menu of proposed benefits that you could choose to take advantage of. They would be tailored to you to each service provider to support care to be more sustainable and consistent.  

The core ideas of the model that we would like to explore with you take inspiration from franchise and co-operative ways of working. A centralised, not-for-private-profit body, its main purpose being to support and benefit everyone involved, would be established for domiciliary care in Wales.  

What could a new model look like? 

By sharing your views and experiences, you will be helping to imagine a vision for the future: a possible new model for delivering domiciliary care that will benefit service users by better supporting everyone involved in delivering care. 

This new model that we will imagine together will form the basis of a study called the 'Domiciliary Care Franchise / Co-operative Model Feasibility Study'. The study is being undertaken by ADSS Cymru and has been commissioned by Welsh Government. It will explore how we can learn from other organisations and businesses that work on the principles of social franchise, co-production and personalised services to create a new model of domiciliary care in Wales.  

The aims of the study are to explore ideas, and possibly present a case for change by proposing a robust new model, but this depends on what your views and experiences are, and whether you think a new model could work. This study will be submitted to Welsh Government in August 2023. 

Learn more about the Feasibility Study
The feasibility study will report on whether a franchise / co-operative model for care at home in Wales could be used to support  services to be more sustainable and better supported across Wales. We are seeking to co-produce the feasibility study with a broad range of care-at-home-experienced people and organisations from across the third sector, private sector, health boards and local authorities in Wales. We want to hear from: care providers, service users and unpaid carers, social care leaders, managers and frontline workforce. 

We will undertake detailed research into existing models of care at home in Wales to produce a final report that outlines the most appropriate model for implementation. It will assess the practicalities of the proposed concept and the likelihood of its successful implementation and future sustainability. The research and engagement part of this project runs from October 2022, and we aim to publish the final feasibility study report in August 2023. There will be opportunities to take part in online and in-person sharing sessions throughout this period, as well as share ideas and experiences from service providers, service users and their carers. 

At the end of the engagement period, we will share the final feasibility study report with everyone who as participated, and outline key points and next possible steps. We need your help to spread the word and ensure the final study lays out how leaders can make a positive impact on the future of care at home in Wales. 

Download the briefing document
Find out the full details of the project, including its timescale and scope by clicking this link: Briefing Document

The feasibility study is being carried out by ADSS Cymru and is supported by Welsh Government Foundational Economy funding.