The Association of Directors of Social Services (ADSS) Cymru is the professional and strategic leadership organisation for social services in Wales. It is composed of statutory directors of social services, heads of service for children and adults, and tier three managers who support the delivery of statutory responsibilities. There are approximately 300 social services leaders across the 22 local authorities in Wales.  

The role of ADSS Cymru is to represent the collective, authoritative voice of senior leaders who support vulnerable adults and children, their families, and communities. They offer a professional view on a range of national and regional issues of social care policy, practice, and resourcing. It is the only national body that can articulate the view of the professionals who lead social care services in Wales.  

As a member-led organisation, ADSS Cymru is committed to using the wealth of its members’ experience and expertise. We, working in partnership with other agencies, seek to influence the important strategic decisions around the development of health, social care, and public service delivery, benefitting the people the sector supports, and those who work to deliver services.  

In order to support the new legislation, ADSS Cymru has agreed policy priorities that are consistent with our strategic objectives and help deliver our vision as described in our Strategic Plan, with more information on specfic groups located in the right-hand menu.

Outcomes of ADSS Cymru policy activity will ensure the association is well placed to provide professional and strategic leadership for the future direction of social services in Wales.