The current membership of ADSS Cymru includes statutory directors of social services, heads of children’s services, heads of adult services and heads of business services from across the 22 local authorities across Wales. Together with our associates (many of whom are our colleagues who have now retired from their roles as directors or heads of service) we have over 80 members who are able to participate in supporting our national role.

Over the next few years, it is possible that fewer senior managers will operate at the top of local authorities, as services are merged or operated from within regional boundaries. Directors of social services may be expected to work across more than one local authority and indeed across other agencies. There will be similar impacts on heads of services. This means the challenge of representing the views of social care and the need for the voice of social care to be heard will be greater than ever.

ADSS Cymru must continue to be the channel by which that voice can be heard and to grow its membership in order to increase our impact. Over the next few years we will:

• seek to increase our membership base to reflect the changing roles of those who lead our social care services

• ensure that we involve a growing number of professionals in our work

• review the scope of our associate membership to expand the range of individuals and include the potential for organisational membership.