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  • Date: 21/03/2019 - 21/03/2019
  • Time: 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
  • Location: Future Inn, Cardiff


Our annual Spring Seminar is an opportunity for members and those involved with the sector to meet and discuss current issues affecting social services across Wales.

The 2019 seminar will take place at the Future Inn, Hemingway Road, Cardiff Bay, Glamorgan, CF10 4AU.

If you would like to attend, please contact us on 01443 742641 / email:



Session TimeTitlePresenter
9.30Tea / Coffee and Registration 
10.00Introduction to the day

Jenny Williams,
ADSS Cymru

10.15Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services – Welsh Government

Julie Morgan AM,
Welsh Government


Introduction to the Social Care R&D Strategic Coordination Group

Dr Dan Venables will provide an overview of the joint ‘Social Care Wales/Health and Care Research Wales Social Care R&D Strategic Coordination Group’, which was established in 2017, following the creation of Social Care Wales.  The Group was set up to enable strategic, collaborative working between the two organisations and their key stakeholders, particularly with reference to making the best use of available R&D funding’.

Social Care R&D Strategy

Lisa will provide an overview of the Social Care Research and Development Strategy for 2018-23, progress with its implementation and future plans.

Funding streams and recent social care research in Wales

Richenda will be giving an overview of the Wales School for Social Care Research and its role in supporting social care research.

Stephanie will be providing an overview of the School’s Research Capacity Building Scheme (2018-19) and the development of a care home research network in Wales with a focus on co-production and valuing social care practitioners as equal partners in the research process.


Secure Anonymised Information Linkage Databank (SAIL)

Jon will provide an overview of the SAIL Databank and how it could be leveraged to support local authorities and policymakers in social care in Wales.


Round table discussions (to generate ideas for future research projects)

Dr Dan Venables,
Welsh Gov




Dr Lisa Trigg,
Social Care Wales



Richenda Leonard and Steff Watts
Wales School for Social Care Research




Jon Smart

11.20Tea & Coffee 
11.30 An update on the imagining and roll out of the regional Research, Innovation & Improvement Hubs Network

Jason Lintern,
Head of Hubs & Academies, Technology & Transformation
Health & Social Services Group,
Welsh Government



An update on the preparedness of the social care sector, what the expectations are on senior leaders, outlining best practice examples and how to ensure that communication with staff, providers and the public is delivered.

Jonathan Morgan,
ADSS Cymru



Integration in action

 A short introduction about the Greater Manchester (GM) Devolution Deal and delivery of ‘Taking Charge’ followed by. 

  • Integration in action:  Across GM, local areas are developing and implementing plans for integrated care and support in their localities, typically involving integrated neighbourhood teams including adult social care, mental health, primary care and community health.  

    Bernadette Enright, Director of Adult Services will provide an overview of the City of Manchester’s integration journey including the development of the Manchester Local Care Organisation1 and the initial outcomes and impact being achieved for the citizens in the area. 
  • An overview of the GM Adult Social Care Transformation Programme: This programme and the six main priorities within was designed to deliver a number of transformation priorities focussed around adult social care reform – to support GM in securing significant opportunities to improve provision and system resilience.  

    Joanne Chilton, Programme Director – ASC Transformation will share the developments progressing within each priority area of the programme2, the current outcomes and the steps to further support the GM system to make a tangible difference to people using services and living across the region.

1Manchester Local Care Organisation (MLCO) is a pioneering new type of public sector organisation that is bringing together NHS community health and mental health services, primary care and social care services in Manchester. It aims to improve the health of local people in the city, addressing health inequalities by working as one team across traditional organisational boundaries. 

MLCO was formed on 1 April 2018 and is a partnership organisation powered by Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, Greater Manchester Mental Health, Manchester City Council, Manchester Health & Care Commissioning and the Manchester Primary Care Partnership.

MLCO brings together the teams from these organisations that provide community-based care in the city in a new way. Almost 3,000 staff from Manchester’s adult and children's NHS community teams and adult social care teams have now been deployed to MLCO. They include nurses, social workers, health visitors, therapists, support staff and many other health and care professionals.

These teams are now working together as part of one single organisation for the first time. Through a neighbourhood-based approach, MLCO is empowering staff and communities to make changes to ensure that health and care services are the best they can be and that care is better coordinated around resident’s needs. This includes the development of a range of new ways of working in the community using the latest evidence and technology, as well as ensuring best practice becomes the norm across the city.

You can find out more about MLCO at

2GM Adult Social Care Transformation priorities - learning disabilities, living well at home, care homes, supported housing, support for unpaid carers and workforce)

Bernadette Enright
Director of Adult Services, Manchester









Joanne Chilton,
Programme Director, Adult Social Care Transformation Programme, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership


Summary of day and challenges for the future

Hand-over of ADSS Cymru Presidency

Jenny Williams and Susan Cooper,
ADSS Cymru

































































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