ADSS Cymru is inviting people who have accessed social care services in Wales during the Covid-19 Pandemic to share their experiences

If you have an assessed need for social care services in Wales and have accessed services in Wales over the course of the Pandemic, ADSS Cymru invites you to share your experiences in our short online survey.

You can fill out the survey by clicking here. It will take about five minutes to complete and is completely anonymous.

Fill out the Easy Read version of the survey here.

This survey is part of a review that is currently being undertaken by ADSS Cymru on behalf of Welsh Government, into how social care services have been working during the Covid-19 pandemic in Wales. This review will help social care services in Wales to understand more about what worked well and where services could have been improved over the last two years. It will also tell Welsh Government about what matters to people accessing social care and their carers and families.

The review is being carried out by ADSS Cymru, supported by Practice Solutions Ltd.

  • Date: 20/06/2022