Social Care Providers are playing a critical role in protecting and caring for the most at-risk citizens in our communities. These are challenging times and the leadership of social care in Wales really appreciates everything you are doing to keep people safe.

This document should be read in conjunction with the most recent advice from Public Health Wales (PHW) and Welsh Government.

The aim of this briefing is to keep providers informed of the latest updates, provide advice and respond to general enquiries.





ADSS Cymru

Voicing messages of thanks via videos

The National Social Care Conference for social work professionals is taking place on 19-20 November. The focus of the conference will be on recognising the extraordinary efforts of social workers and care workers who've continued to provide critical care and support throughout the covid pandemic.

ADSS Cymru is seeking to collate videos from people who wish to give their thanks to professionals for their care and support, and this will be presented during the conference. If you, or someone you know, who like to contribute to this project, please contact:

Rachel Pitman, Communications and Engagement Lead, ADSS Cymru Business Unit

*please ensure you have permission to share any video content you wish to submit from a third party.

Thank you!

More information about the conference:


Good news story: Resilient procurement of pandemic PPE stocks for the social care sector in Wales

The Wales Local Government Association, Wales Government and NHS Shared Services Partnership have signed a service level agreement for the centralised procurement and local supply of pandemic PPE stocks for the social care sector in Wales.

This means that there will be a centralised system, during the pandemic (and a commitment to at least end September 2021) for:

  • assessing the demand for PPE across the social care sector, and
  • ensuring the supply of quality PPE products to 11 local equipment stores.

The agreement covers the supply, funded by Wales Government, of Type IIR Masks, Nitrile Examination Gloves, Aprons and Eyewear (visors).

The Wales Government’s Winter Protection Plan provides for a 24-week stockholding, to mitigate supply risks.

WLGA and Local Government procurement leads meet regularly with NHS SSP to oversee demand / supply and quickly resolve any issues.


Welsh Government

Local Lockdowns

Find out more about the latest restrictions to reduce the spread of coronavirus and protect public health in your area.

Consultation: Social care market stability reporting

The Welsh Government is consulting on social care market stability reports. The proposals will require local authorities and local health boards to collaborate to produce a report for each of the regional partnership board areas. We would welcome your views on draft regulations, a code of practice and statutory guidance. The consultation closes on 25 November.


Written Statement: Prioritisation COVID-19 Testing

The Minister for Health and Social Services, Vaughan Gething MS has issued a statement setting out the prioritisation for Covid-19 testing in Wales. The statement includes information of the order of prioritisation, including protection of staff and residents of care homes.


Written Statement: Additional bed capacity plans for the remainder of 2020/2021

The  Minister for Health and Social Services, Vaughan Gething MS has issued a statement setting health board plans to retain over 5000 additional beds for the rest of 2020/2021.

Winter Protection Plan

Latest Advice on coronavirus from the Technical Advisory Cell

Summary of COVID-19 advice provided to Welsh Ministers on 25 September 2020 includes


Technical Advisory Group: behavioural insights for contact tracing systems and young people

Note on behavioural insights in to how young people react and engage with contact tracing and being asked to self-isolate.


Therapeutic groups guidance: community settings

Guidance for health and social care staff delivering therapeutic groups in community settings.


Claim for help with health costs if you live in a care home: form HC1(SC)W

The HC1(SC)W form is for use by those who are entitled to claim for health costs and who live in a care home or recently left local authority care.


Public Health Wales

Beat flu – get the vaccine

Care home staff with regular client contact are eligible for a free NHS flu vaccine at their community pharmacy.

Domicillary care workers are eligible for a free NHS flu vaccine at their community pharmacy.

Healthcare workers should get their flu vaccine via their employer.

NHS Health and social care workers with direct patient/client contact are recommended to have annual vaccination to protect themselves and those in their care.

You have a responsibility to protect your patients/clients from infection. This includes vaccination against flu.

Vaccinating health and social care workers also helps reduce the level of sickness absences and contributes to keeping the NHS and care services running. This is particularly important when responding to winter pressures.

Health care employers, including primary care contractors, must actively promote the positive benefits of flu vaccination to workers by giving staff balanced and factually correct information in a timely manner, and encourage their eligible staff to get vaccinated.


  • Author: ADSS Cymru & Partners
  • Date: 01/10/2020