ADSS Cymru is pleased to announce that along with welcoming a new Board of Directors for 2024-25, we have new titles for the roles of President and Vice President.

Lance Carver (Director, Vale of Glamorgan) has replaced Alwyn Jones as the newly titled Cadeirydd. The roles of Is-Gadeiryddion will be fulfilled by Claire Marchant (Director, Bridgend) and Jane Rodgers (Director, Monmouthshire).

On the new titles, Lance Carver says: “It was important to me that the naming of the lead role for ADSS Cymru reflects a modern, less hierarchical, gender neutral term.

Collectively we agreed to use the Welsh term Cadeirydd which translates as ‘chair person’ also in the hope that we introduce another Welsh language word in to daily usage.”

The ADSS Cymru Business Unit (provided by Practice Solutions) has also been renamed the Business Delivery Unit. This new name better reflects the team’s dynamic role in driving and delivering change throughout the social services sector.

  • Author: ADSS Cymru
  • Date: 22/04/2024